Kenny Piecharka and KWS are Unlocking the Potential of Hybrid Rye

by | Apr 1, 2024 | Business, Cereals, Leadership

PHOTO: Kenny Piecharka is the new country head for KWS Canada.

In a recent interview, Kenny Piecharka, the newly appointed country manager for KWS, shared insights into his promotion, the company’s growth trajectory, and the future of hybrid rye in Canada.

Reflecting on his predecessor, Herman Wehrle, Piecharka acknowledged the invaluable mentorship and experience he gained from working alongside him. He emphasized Wehrle’s expertise in the seed and grain industry, as well as his role in building a high-expectation team at KWS. Piecharka attributed much of the company’s growth, including its expansion of staff members in Canada, to a decade-long process of establishing a strong footprint in hybrid rye with the support of dedicated distributors.

Hybrid rye, though a small crop in Canada, holds immense potential, Piecharka explained. Traditionally used for animal feed and distilling, hybrid rye offers benefits such as increased ROI for farmers and reduced inputs, making it an attractive option.

Despite its current modest acreage, Piecharka outlined plans to bolster hybrid rye’s presence in Canada, particularly in emerging markets like ethanol production. He emphasized the crop’s environmental advantages, including its lower water and pesticide requirements, which make it a sustainable choice for farmers.

Looking ahead, Piecharka sees gene editing as a promising avenue for further enhancing hybrid rye’s traits and adaptability. While gene editing is still under review in some regions, he remains optimistic about its potential impact on the future of agriculture.


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