The Power of Drones in the Age of Extreme Weather

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Seed Speaks

As climate change continues to reshape our world, the agricultural industry is grappling with unprecedented challenges. Extreme weather events, ranging from droughts and floods to hurricanes and wildfires, are becoming increasingly common.

Innovative solutions are emerging to help people adapt, and one such technology at the forefront of this movement is drones. Join us on the next episode of Seed Speaks as we delve into the world of drones in the age of extreme weather.

Meet our guests:

Kevin Falk, field modernization scientist, North America lead at Corteva Agriscience — Falk has been a champion of precision agriculture for years. His work with Corteva Agriscience  focuses on leveraging cutting-edge technologies to maximize crop yields and environmental sustainability. Kevin’s expertise in the field provides unique insights into how drones are transforming modern farming.

Cameron Chell, CEO of Draganfly — Chell is known for his background in technology, entrepreneurship, and drone innovation, and brings a wealth of knowledge regarding the potential of drones and their role in mitigating the impact of extreme weather events. Most recently, Wildfire Services of British Columbia awarded Draganfly a multi-year wildfire mitigation services contract to deploy specialized technology and drone pilot crews to detect and map wildfires and hotspots across B.C. Wildfire services in the United States are also looking into deploying Draganfly’s specialized drone pilots to identify fire line breaches and detect hidden hot spots using thermal imaging technology on more than 50 fires nationwide.

Key topics to be explored:

  1. Drones as early warning systems: Discover how drones equipped with advanced sensors and cameras can act as early warning systems for extreme weather events. Learn how they assist farmers in monitoring crops and making critical decisions in real time.
  2. Precision agriculture: Uncover how drones are enabling precision agriculture, offering detailed data on soil quality, moisture levels, and crop health. This data empowers people in our industry and beyond to optimize resource use, enhance yields, and adapt to changing conditions.
  3. Environmental resilience: Delve into the ways in which drone technology is fostering environmental resilience. Find out how it aids in reducing the environmental impact of agriculture and promotes sustainable practices.
  4. Data-driven insights: Learn how the data collected by drones can be transformed into actionable insights. This information is invaluable for decision-making, risk management, and adapting to the challenges presented by extreme weather.
  5. Case studies: Explore real-world examples of how drones have made a difference on  in the face of extreme weather. From disaster response to everyday farming operations, these stories highlight the potential of drones in agriculture and beyond.

Join us on Nov. 1 at 12 p.m. CDT on Seed World U.S., Seed World Canada, Seed World Europe and the Alberta Seed Guide’s Facebook pages, Seed World U.S.’s LinkedIn page and Seed World Group’s YouTube page to watch the discussion.

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