Albaugh Buys Corteva’s Glyphosate Business

by | Mar 15, 2023 | Acquisition, Business, Industry News, News

Albaugh, LLC. announced the acquisition of Corteva Agriscience’s glyphosate business, according to a release. The acquisition only includes intangible assets like “trade names, registrations, regulatory data, formulations, patents, and know-how, used in Corteva’s straight-goods glyphosate business throughout the world, with the exception of Argentina”.

Albaugh has already acquired Corteva’s glyphosate business in Europe. The company will be expanding coverage of straight glyphosate DMA salt formulations and registrations worldwide through this acquisition. Albaugh will be integrating Corteva’s glyphosate DMA salt registrations into Albaugh’s existing sales structure. The sales teams at Albaugh are continuing business with all existing glyphosate DMA salt customers.

“This latest acquisition of Corteva Agriscience’s glyphosate business is a perfect fit for Albaugh,” said Jens Thorsen, Albaugh’s chief marketing officer. “This will expand our direct access to glyphosate markets in areas where we have not previously had a strong presence, including such countries as Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, and Bolivia, as well as supplementing our existing glyphosate offerings in the U.S., Canada and Brazil.”

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