Lavie Bio Expands Seed Treatment Yalos to Cover Durum, Barley

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Agronomy, Business

Lavie Bio Ltd. is expanding usage its microbiome-based product for spring wheat called Yalos to include durum and barley, a Nov. 28 news release said.

This expansion follows successful field trials of durum and barley conducted in the United States in 2023, which generated an average over seven per cent yield increase. The release noted Yalos is a seed treatment that enhances production by improving soil nutrients, reducing environmental stress, and increasing yields. It aims to boost yields in all small grains.

“We are very satisfied with these results from our 2023 field trials enabling us to offer our product to durum and barley growers in 2024,” Amit Noam, Lavie Bio’s CEO, said in the release. “As Lavie Bio charts its course for 2024, the company remains dedicated to commercial growth by expanding to additional crops across the United States, Canada and beyond. Lavie Bio continues to lead the agricultural innovation frontier, championing sustainable practices and enhancing crop yields.

The 2023 trials beat expectations with an 86 per cent success rate, this surpassed industry standards in extensive large-acre trials, the release said. Yalos provided an average production boost of 8.3 per cent in durum and 6.6 per cent in barley.

The release noted Yalos combines two natural microbes which were found by Lavie Bio’s advanced BDD platform that’s powered by Evogene’s MicroBoost AI tech-engine. The platform provides insights into microbe functions allowing Lavie Bio to develop high-performance, cost-effective bio-inoculants and bio-pesticides such as Yalos.

Yalos will be available to farmers growing spring wheat, durum and barley across the U.S. and Canada for the 2024 growing season.

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