PhycoTerra ST Given Stamp of Approval for Canadian Use

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Policy, Science & Technology, Seed Treatments

Heliae Agriculture announced PhycoTerra ST, its award-winning seed treatment product acquired from microalgae, has been given the green light for use in Canada.

“Canadian farmers utilize seed treatments to support their crops in the early and most critical stage of development in efforts to maximize yield potential,” said Tony Donoho, VP of global sales at Heliae Agriculture. “Seed treatment is also an important tool to help them protect their crops against unfavorable growing conditions, like drought and various abiotic stresses.

PhycoTerra ST was launched in the U.S. in 2021. The product offers a “balanced, nutrient-dense meal to beneficial microbes in the spermosphere – where the seed first interacts with the soil,” according to a release. It is effective for a wide scope of soil types and crops, providing growers with an environment that supports enhanced germination and stand establishment.

PhycoTerra ST is compatible with other seed treatments including fungicides, insecticides and inoculants and contains a pasteurized, shelf-stable formula that requires minimal storage and handling.

“PhycoTerra ST is a cost-effective solution delivering a significant return on investment and increasing yield results for growers while being applied at low rates,” continued Donoho. “It activates soil and seed microbiomes to promote soil quality and soil health before and during seed germination, which support crop production throughout the growing season. It also improves soil quality and structure which helps Canadian growers combat soil compaction, improve water productivity and increase nutrient availability.”

Trials for the product have shown consistent yield performance improvement with a return on investment for many crops, such as wheat and canola.

PhycoTerra ST was recently awarded the “AgTech Innovation of the Year,” an honor gifted by the 2022 AgTech Breakthrough Awards Program.

PhycoTerra ST was also named one of Seed World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Products 2021.

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