Canada Malting Co. Expands Calgary Production Facility

by | May 4, 2023 | Barley, Business

Canada Malting Co. (CMC) has finished construction on their new adjuncts processing facility and bagging line at their Calgary, Alta. production facility, a May 3 news release said. This expansion will allow for greater quality control and product modification capabilities to better serve craft brewers and distillers.

The release noted CMC is part of the United Malt company and has been operating for more than a century. It supplies customers with a diverse selection of essential and specialty products for brewers and distillers. Part of their portfolio includes unmalted adjuncts, such as flaked oats, rye, wheat and rice, which are used to add unique haze, body and flavour characteristics to beer. These products are unmalted, but require some pre-processing before they can be used by brewers and distillers. CMC previously outsourced the processing for these adjunct products, but with the new addition they’ll be able to do it in-house.

In 2021, CMC began construction of a new facility dedicated to adjunct processing and packaging. The equipment was installed in the summer of 2022 with initial commissioning began in October, testing was then conducted over the following six months, the release said. All systems are now operational, and processes have been fine-tuned to achieve quality adjuncts that meet brewer specifications.

“Canada Malting has made, and will continue to make, investments that service the needs of its customers while adding value to Canada’s agricultural supply chain,” Kyran Flett, director of international sales at United Malt, said in the release. “This facility expands our footprint in Calgary while showing our long-term commitment to the brewers, distillers, and the many local farmers we rely on.”

The release noted the first commercial batches from this new facility will soon be making their way to Country Malt Group warehouses. Brewers should note there may be a slight differentiation in product appearance, but overall application is the same, with improved quality.

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