Feds Announce Funding for Fertilizer Made with Organic Carbon

by | Jul 4, 2022 | Business, Funding

The Canadian government is investing up to $1,685,858 for Sulvaris in Calgary, Alta. to develop new technology to produce high-efficiency fertilizers made with organic carbon, a July 4 news release said.

“Our investment in Sulvaris’ innovative fertilizer technology recognizes this key on-going priority to support development of affordable and environmentally sustainable fertilizers that help our farmers improve food suppl

Sulvaris’ carbon control technology converts various forms of organic waste into high-efficiency fertilizers that are rich in nutrients and soil-building carbon and economical to use in large-scale agriculture, as well as for lawn and plants in commercial and home use. The release noted these fertilizers improve on conventional chemical fertilizers by releasing nutrients more slowly, giving plants the ability to absorb the nutrients as they need them to develop and grow. The more efficient uptake means less unabsorbed nutrients are left in the soil, reducing the risk of them releasing harmful greenhouse gas emissions or contaminating waterways.

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