Pulse Sector Views C49 as Step Toward Improved Transportation Performance and Reliability

by | May 28, 2019 | Industry News, Legislation, Pulse

Pulse Canada and the Canadian Special Crops Association (CSCA) expect to see improved service for Canadian shippers as a result of the passing of Bill C49, the Transportation Modernization Act. The pulse sector views the Bill as a framework for improving Canada’s transportation system.

The Act introduces reciprocal penalties into Service Level Agreements, replaces extended interswitching with a new “long-haul interswitching” provision, provides the Canadian Transportation Agency with own-motion inquiry powers on systemic or emerging rail freight issues under guidance from the Minister of Transportation, redefines adequate and suitable service, and makes changes to the Maximum Revenue Entitlement calculations to promote railway investment in hopper cars.

“Pulse Canada wants to see an innovative and transparent rail system that provides improved service and capacity to drive economic growth and international competitiveness for the pulse and special crops sector,” said Greg Cherewyk, Pulse Canada’s Chief Operating Officer. “The true measure of success of the changes to the Canadian Transportation Act will be in how they deliver measurable improvements in service performance and reliability.”

A key outcome of Bill C-49 will be the launch of a regulatory process to develop rail service and performance indicators. Pulse Canada and the CSCA believe that the development of a comprehensive data regime to hold players accountable for their performance and track progress towards achieving the goals of the Transportation 2030 strategy is essential.

“The grain sector has invested in increasing the transparency of the rail system through the Ag Transport Coalition and has identified the key metrics needed to develop a relevant, reliable and timely data regime,” said Cherewyk. “With the passing of C49, the industry must now turn its attention to developing the work plan and comprehensive performance measurement system that meet the needs of individual companies and industries, and deliver what is intended with this legislation.”

Source: Pulse Canada


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