Trace Soil Diagnostics Partners with Taurus Ag for Canadian Distribution

by | Aug 28, 2023 | Agronomy, Business

Through a new multi-year plan Taurus Ag will be the exclusive Canadian provider of Trace Genomics soil diagnostics, an Aug. 24 news release said.

“Taurus Ag is a valuable partner for our expansion into Canada,” Justin Miller, director of sales at Trace Genomics, said in the release. “They understand the importance of translating data into actionable insights and guidance.”

Trace Genomics uses metagenomics (sequencing all the DNA in a soil) for soil testing, the release said. This allows agronomists to gain a most comprehensive picture of the variables that impact product placement and seed selection. It includes data on over 225 pathogens for 70 plus crops, fertility insights on nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as all the standard soil chemistry tests. Fertility reports from Trace Genomics include placement guidance for products such as fertilizers, stabilizers, and biologicals based on both biological and chemical data.

“Their technology offers an unparalleled understanding of soil life, from beneficial organisms to nutrient cycling,” Craig Davidson, president of Taurus Agricultural Marketing, said in the release. “We’re proud to be at the forefront of this revolution in Canadian Agriculture and anticipate our forward-thinking customers will eagerly adopt this game-changing understanding of soil.”

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