Alberta Seeding Jumps to 71 Per Cent Done

by | May 21, 2021 | Crop Production, Seeding, Weather

Photo: Kathy Waldner from Pixabay 

Alberta’s farmers have 71 per cent of the provincial crop in the ground, up from last week’s 32 percent, the May 18 provincial crop report says. Widespread rains over the week brought much needed moisture to the province.

Seeding progress is ahead of average, beating the five-year year average of 56 per cent and 10-year average of 59 per cent. Regionally, seeding progress is ahead of the five-year and 10-year averages for all regions, the report notes. The north east region is at 45 per cent, the Peace at 41 per cent, central 40 per cent, north west 39 per cent and southern at 27 per cent.

Widespread Rains

The recent widespread rains brought needed moistures across the middle parts of the province. Areas in the southern region, the eastern parts of the central region, the southeastern parts of the north east region and the upper half of the Peace region are still in need of moisture for active growth of crops and forages, the report notes.

“However, the snow in the forecast for parts of the southern Alberta should bring some much needed moisture to these lands,” the release says.

Growing season moisture to date has differed across the province and has led to the variable soil moisture levels. Compared to the long-term normal, soil moisture is moderately low or low in the southern and eastern parts of the province, as well as the western parts of the north west and Peace regions. Some areas also have moderately high moisture levels, the report notes.

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