Syngenta Receives Registration for Pulse Fungicide Vibrance Total

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Agronomy, Crop Inputs, Pulse, Seed Treatments

Syngenta Canada has received registration for its new fungicide pulse seed treatment Vibrance Total, a Sept. 11 news release said. Vibrance Total has five modes of action providing broad-spectrum disease control, including enhanced protection against Ascochyta blight.

“We’re pleased to add Vibrance Total to our lineup, raising the bar on what growers should expect from their fungicide seed treatment,” Shad Milligan, seedcare technical lead for Western Canada with Syngenta Canada, said in the release. “With Vibrance Total, they’re getting the benefit of five proven active ingredients in a comprehensive seed treatment for exceptional crop establishment along with our most effective Pythium solution.”

It’s the only pulse seed treatment on the market with the new active ingredient, picarbutrazox, giving growers protection against 13 different Pythium species found in western Canadian soils. Syngenta research has identified Pythium species with varying sensitivity to crop protection products currently registered in Canada, the release noted.

In small plot trials, seed treated with Vibrance Total showed a 38 per cent higher plant stand establishment over the inoculated Pythium check in field peas, the release said. It will be available for the 2024 growing season and comes in a premixed ready-to-apply formulation, sold in 2 x 10 L cases, 115 L drum and 450 L tote. It’s applied at a rate of 325 mL/100 kg seed and has been extensively tested to ensure compatibility with all leading inoculant products.

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