109 www.seed.ab.ca | spring.2019 FIELD PEA – GREEN — CONT. Variety Disease Tolerance:4 Mycos- phae-rella Blight Fusar- ium Wilt Bleaching Seed Coat Break- age Seed Coat Dimpling5 Varieties tested in the 2018 trials (Yield and agronomic data only directly compa- rable to CDC Limerick) CDC Limerick (kg/ha) CDC Limerick F F G VG G AAC Comfort F F G XX F CDC Forest F F G G G CDC Spruce F F G G F LRP1424 NR F F G G G Previously tested varieties AAC Radius F F G G G AAC Royce F F G F F CDC Greenwater F G G F F Varieties tested in 2013 - 2014 (Yield and agronomic data only directly compara- ble to CDC Patrick) CDC Patrick (kg/ha) CDC Patrick F G G G G CDC Pluto F F G G G CDC Raezer F G G G G CDC Tetris F G G G G Varieties tested in 2004 - 2012 (Yield and agronomic data only directly compara- ble to Cooper) Cooper (kg/ha) Cooper F F G F G CDC Sage F G G VG G CDC Striker F G G G G Mendel F F G F G Home Grown High Quality Canadian Seed Ph: 403-443-2577 Email: [email protected] Three Hills, AB www.penwestseeds.ca Barley: CDC Copeland, AC Metcalfe, Canmore, AAC Connect, CDC Austenson Peas: AAC Carver, AAC Ardill, CDC Meadow, CDC Patrick CWRS Wheat: AAC Brandon, AAC Connery, CDC Go, AAC Cameron VB, AAC Elie CPS Wheat: AAC Ryley Durum: AAC Spitfire, Strongfield CWRW Wheat: AAC Wildfire, AC Emerson Oats: CS Camden Faba Beans: CDC Snowdrop Canola: Brett Young & Canterra Forages: Brett Young Also Available: Nodulator XL&Duo, Tag Team, Bio-Boost, Diatomaceous Earth special crops – performance trials and grower directory offi[email protected] 403-715-9771 www.seednet.ca Dealers wanted SeedNet Seed Includes First-Hand Knowledge CDC Inca Yellow Peas CDC Proclaim Red Lentils CDC Palmer Chickpeas New for spring! CDC Dorado Yellow Flax CDC Evolve Spelt SeedNet Exclusives: AAC Lacombe Yellow Pea 3 Hybrid Fall Rye Varieties Guttino – milling or feed, great yields KWS Daniello – high yields, lowest ergot risk KWS Propower – new silage/forage variety