83 www.seed.ab.ca | spring.2019 to determine if small differences are not due to chance often improves quickly up to 15 -20 sites, and then marginally after that. This means that smaller differences are more relevant when all sites are averaged than just a few selected sites. Also, when there are a high number of individual sites for comparing two varieties, this increases the predictability that the average yield differences would likely occur in other fields in future years. Where are CPT results available? Averages from zones with less than three sites of data are not shown in this publication due to limited reliability. Results includ- ing data from individual locations and previous years are available through an online interactive tool at www.canolaperformancetri- als.ca. The interactive tool allows growers to explore many agro- nomic factors and to search for trial data in specific geographic areas near their farming operations. Details on management, operations and environmental data for each individual site will be reported online. The online tool has an economic calculator that includes the costs associated with growing the selected variety to assist growers in determining potential profitability. NOTE: Brassica rapa (Polish Canola) and canola quality Brassica juncea – no varieties were tested under PCT in 2012 through 2018. canola – performance trials and grower directory AFSC.ca • 1.877.899.AFSC (2372) • @AFSC_AB Protect and enhance your operation with AFSC’s suite of risk management products. With insurance, income stabilization and lending options, we offer solutions that respond to your operation’s needs at every stage. Contact AFSC about options that are available to you. We know you work hard, don’t let the unexpected take that away.