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Keeping Up with Alfalfa Advances

Whether it’s new conventional varieties with better winter hardiness and disease resistance, there’s a lot happening in the alfalfa seed market. Here’s a snapshot of the latest advances and what’s… Read More

The Next-Generation Seed System

The Next-Generation Seed System

The CSGA and CSTA are two of six associations working to revamp how the industry functions. If the seed regulatory system were an ocean, the Seed Synergy Collaboration Project can… Read More

Working Toward Better Seed Testing

Meeting the industry’s future needs for quality seed testing services is the major goal of the Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada. Gail Livingstone doesn’t mince words when it comes… Read More

PGDC on the Cutting-Edge

Gene editing and climate change were major topics on the agenda at this year’s meeting of the Prairie Grain Development Committee. When federal research scientist Tom Fetch opened a copy… Read More

Share Your Vision, Shape Your Industry

Be part of the discussion as the CSGA and Canadian seed industry engages its membership online. In July 2016, the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) launched a one-year project to… Read More

Plant Breeding 101

The process of plant breeding can be a long and complicated one, but we talk to three experts who boil it all down.