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Capturing Value, Funding Innovation

Accessing superior genetics and seed is one way to ensure that Canada remains competitive in global agriculture. We talk with industry experts about the mechanics of funding innovation in cereals… Read More

Clubbing Clubroot

On the Prairies, clubroot appeared in Alberta in 2003, in Saskatchewan in 2008 and Manitoba in 2013. As any grower can tell you, it’s a nasty canola disease that usually… Read More

Becoming One with the Machine

This new seeding innovation is one example of how new ideas are transforming precision ag. Agriculture – like all other sectors – is changing fast, with new technologies and computing… Read More

Riding the Western Soybean Wave

Soybeans were once unheard on the Prairies. Now, they’re marching west from Manitoba to Alberta, with no end to acreage increase in sight. Here’s an easy riddle: What was unheard… Read More

Blackleg and Clubroot in Canola

Blackleg and clubroot are both serious diseases that are growing in severity across Alberta, but with proper and diligent management by all farmers, they can be effectively controlled. Blackleg Blackleg… Read More

The 4-P Funding Model

Taking a look at one very successful Alberta-based initiative. The 4-P model (public/private/producer partnership) for crop R&D involves funding contributions from government, private companies and producers. This type of initiative… Read More

Cigi Enters a New Era

The Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) works with the entire grain and field crop value chain within Canada and internationally to drive the development and utilization of Canadian crops. The… Read More

Public Versus Private Crop Breeding

There are some important differences between public and private breeding – and how these differences affect seed growers and crop farmers is often a matter of hot debate in Canada…. Read More